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MVA Fund Donates Refreshments to Botswana Police Services


MVA Fund Donates to Botswana Police Services

Motor Vehicle Accident Fund donated  refreshments worth over P50 000 to the Botswana Police Services recently, as support  towards roadside campaigns for the upcoming festive season.The patnership between BPS and MVA Fund  comes a very long way as they are both charged with the responsibility to promote road safety in the country.

When handing over the donations, Motor Vehicle Accident Fund CEO, Mr Michael Tlhagwane said the gifts are essential for the road side campaigns as there is increased movement of travellers and road users visiting their relatives at different destinations for the holidays.Mr Tlhagwane further mentioned that the donations were intended to boost the morale and motivate  police officers deployed during the festive season.He further indicated that on  average about 82 people perished annually during the months of November and December  from the year 2015 to 2019  due to road accidents.

For her part Deputy Commissioner responsible for Police Operations Ms Dinah Marathe highlighted that both MVA Fund and BPS  have a common mandate and in preceding years have been engaged in joint  roadside campaigns in efforts to curb the escalating road accidents and fatalities.She also pointed that the refreshments which included ,Energy Drinks,Bottles of Water and Packets of Raisins amongst others were to be distributed accordingly to engaged officers. 




PRESS RELEASE TO: ALL MEDIA HOUSES FROM: THE SENIOR MANAGER, CORPORATE COMMUNICATIONS DATE: 20TH MAY 2020 SUBJECT: RESUMPTION OF CLIENT SERVICES The Motor Vehicle Accident Find wishes to inform the public and all its other stakeholders that it will resume all its clients’ services on Monday 25th 2020 under its normal working hours. The resumption of services follows the lifting of the lockdown and strict social distancing restrictions that were imposed by the COVID Taskforce from the 3rd April to 21st May 2020, as a result of the outbreak of the COVID 19 / Corona pandemic. The Funds’ clients and the general public are however advised that strict precautions will still be observed in an effort to curb the spread of the disease, and these will include the following measures that will be undertaken at the entrance of our respective offices: - 1. Wearing of masks that cover the nose and mouth 2. Registration at reception areas 3. Body temperature checks 4. Sanitising of clients’ hands 5. Social Distancing of at least one metre. Our clients are also advised that our Rail Park office will remain closed until further notice, due to social distancing constraints. They are advised to seek assistance at our Head Office at Fairgrounds. Your cooperation will be highly appreciated in this regard. Mookodi Modimoosi Seisa SENIOR MANAGER, CORPORATE COMMUNICATIONS

Temporary Closure of Railpark Office

PUBLIC NOTICE TEMPORARY CLOSURE OF RAIL PARK MVA FUND OFFICE The public is informed that the Motor Vehicle Accident Fund Rail Park Office will be closed from the 30th March 2020 until further notice. The closure is a necessary health precautionary measure which is in line with Government interventions to protect employees and members of the public against the possible risk of exposure to Covid 19 (Corona virus). For any services required, please contact 3188533/ 71326263 or visit the MVA Fund Head Office located at Fairgrounds Office Park, Plot 50367. Any inconvenience is highly regretted. KITSISO YA SECHABA GO TSWALWA KA NAKWANA GA OFISI YA MVA FUND - RAIL PARK Sechaba se itsisiwe fa ofisi ya MVA Fund- Rail Park, e tlaa tswalwa Mopitlo a le 30, 2020 go fitlhelela sebaka se se tlaa bolelwang. Se ke maiteko a go sala morago dikgakololo tsa Puso go babalela babereki le sechaba kgatlhanong le kgonagalo ya go amiwa ke Covid 19 (Mogare wa Corona). Go bona dithuso, sechaba se kopiwa go leletsa mogala wa 3188533/71326263 kgotsa go etela ofisi kgolo ya MVA Fund ko Fairgrounds Office Park, Plot 50367. Re maswabi ka kgoreletsego epe e e ka nnang teng.


MVA Fund preparedness and response to COVID-19/Corona Virus Pandemic

PUBLIC NOTICE TO ALL OUR CUSTOMERS, STAKEHOLDERS AND THE GENERAL PUBLIC RE: MVA FUND PREPAREDNESS AND RESPONSE TO THE COVID – 19 / CORONA VIRUS PANDEMIC 1. Preface The World Health Organisation (WHO) declared COVID – 19 (Coronavirus) disease a pandemic on the 11th March 2020. In view of the call to action by the Botswana Government and the increasing number of new infections and deaths globally, MVA Fund saw it befitting to heighten its preventative measures to protect its employees, customers and stakeholders. These measures include the decongestion of the workplace, temporary relocation of the Rail-park office services to Head Office, hygienic precautions, and stakeholder communication. Decongestion of the workplace In response to the Government of Botswana’s Extraordinary Gazette issued on March 20, 2020, particularly on the prohibition of public gatherings of more than ten (10) people, and emphasis on social distancing (i.e. minimum of 50 individuals and a distance of 1 – 2 meters between individual persons), the Fund has developed an Employee Decongestion Plan. The plan entails a weekly shift rota system to ease the congestion and interaction of people within the workplace and therefore enhance social distancing. Hygiene The Fund has placed sanitisers in all working areas, rest rooms and all spaces accessed by the public to promote good hygiene. frontline employees have also been issued with masks. Temporary Closure of the Rail-Park Office With effect from Monday 30th March 2020 until further notice the Rail Park office will be temporarily closed. All customers are requested to seek assistance at the Head Office at Fairgrounds. Stakeholder Communication Where possible, clients are encouraged to utilise other forms of interaction such as telephone, email, social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Messenger and SMS as well as our website, to communicate with us. Contact details Tel; 3188533 Fax; 3188124 Email; Website; Facebook; MVA Fund Botswana The following are some of our services that may be sought remotely (via telephone and email) • General enquiries • Request for treatment authorizations • Follow up of Payments • Follow up of claims • Information on MVA Fund product and services Listed below are names of contacts persons that may be contacted for assistance. Branch telephone numbers may also be utilised during working hours. Officer Email Telephone Case Management Supervisor – Service Providers 71349838 Case Manager - Rehabilitation 71360591 Case Manager –Bill Audits 71244122 Operation times remain unaffected, Weekdays: 07:00-16:30 Weekend and Public holidays: Closed The Fund would like to ensure all its stakeholders that efforts are being made to have minimal operational disruptions. we Commit to keeping all our stakeholders updated on any new developments as we continue to monitor and evaluate the situation in compliance with Government’s guidelines and recommendations. MOOKODI MODIMOOSI SEISA Senior Manager, Corporate Communications

MVA Fund CEO Officiates at the Ngami DHMT Excellence awards

MVA Fund CEO Officiates at the Ngami DHMT Excellence awards 24 May 2019; Maun The MVA Fund CEO Mr. Michael Tlhagwane officiated at the Ngami District Health Management Team excellence awards held on the 24th May 2019 under the theme “Recognizing and rewarding excellence, the pillar and stimulant of productivity”. The theme was crafted through a healthy competition amongst the staff under the spirit of team work and shared vision. The theme called for the workforce to recognise excellence in their everyday professional lives and at the same time encourages the leadership to ensure that the workforce is motivated to drive innovation and productivity in the workplace. The event aimed at promoting the importance of Innovation and sustained quality service delivery. It was also a day to reflect on both the challenges experienced over the years, but importantly celebrate the positive gains made as the district strives to implement the overall Ministry of Health and Wellness vision of “A Healthy nation by 2023”.

Mr. Tlhagwane stated that in an era of dwindling resources but increasing expectations from our customers, one cannot therefore separate organisational success from customer satisfaction. A highly efficient productive organisation will be reflected through customer satisfaction. “It is therefore imperative that for Botswana to achieve development and see improvement in the above, we need to start with our people management. Appreciation of those who drive service delivery is a cornerstone to building shared vision hence keeping the drivers of success motivated. It is therefore commendable that Ngami DHMT has found it fitting to take time to recognise their own drivers of change. Human resources are vital to an effective health care system. From an economics viewpoint, health workers’ salaries make up a great share of health budgets in most countries. The health worker is the gatekeeper of the health system, determining the overall vitality of any community. Poorly motivated health workers can have a negative impact on individual facilities, an entire health system and communities” stated Mr. Tlhagwane In conclusion he congratulated those recognised by receiving awards and motivated those not receiving the awards to improve their individual performance. He encouraged all to work as a team and leverage on each other’s capabilities to build Ngami