• Road Safety
    It begins with you!
    Always be alert on the road, prevent road crashes
  • Loss of Support
    Lost a provider?
    We lend a helping hand to support the dependants of the deceased.
  • Medical Assistance
    Injured in a road crash?
    We ensure you get appropriate medical care and rehabilitation.
  • Funeral Expenses
    Lost a loved one in a road crash?
    We assist you to cover funeral costs.
  • Loss of Earnings
    Unable to earn a living due to a road crash?
    We will provide for you during these difficult times.

Welcome to MVA FUND!

Botswana Motor Vehicle Accident Fund started operations on 1 January 1987. Its establishment was at short notice, born of necessity by the insurance industry’s announcement of intended increases of third party premiums by up to 600 per cent. The industry had cited escalating road traffic accidents as the root cause of the intended premium increase, but Government was concerned that the proposed escalations were out of reach for most motorists...


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The most dangerous drivers in Botswana are?