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Road Safety Initiatives

The Motor Vehicle Accident Fund Act No. 15 of 2007 broadened the mandate of the Fund to include promotion of road safety and accident prevention in addition to compensating and rehabilitating people affected by road crashes.  Botswana experiences high rate of road crashes annually, with an annual averages of about 500 fatalities and about 1660 severe injuries.  This state of affairs compelled the Fund to come up with new preventive strategies described hereunder.   

2.1 Community Road Safety Grant Scheme

Motor Vehicle Accident Fund introduced this initiative in 2010, having benchmarked with the Transport Accident Commission of Australia.  Through this programme, MVA Fund sponsors the community to undertake road safety projects within their localities.  The primary objective of the scheme is to cultivate community participation in the prevention of road crashes.  This is in recognition that different parts of the country experience different road safety issues which can best be dealt with at local level by the local communities.   

The call for submission of proposals is made biannually.  Proposals are delivered to all MVA Fund offices throughout the country as well as District Administration Offices.  

2.3 Youth Road Safety Clubs

MVA Fund supports the formation of Youth Traffic Safety Clubs in schools, villages and towns.  Traffic safety clubs are sanctuaries which moulds children and adolescents to be responsible road users of tomorrow.  They do so by developing: knowledge and understanding of road traffic; behavioral skills necessary to survive in the presence of road traffic; an understanding of their own responsibilities for keeping themselves safe; knowledge of the causes and consequences of road crashes; a responsible attitude to their own safety and safety of others.

The goal of Traffic Safety Clubs is to promote traffic safety issues within the school and the local community.  The Clubs empower children to highlight traffic safety issues within their environment.  

Established traffic safety clubs are assisted with appropriate resources to enable them implement their activity plans, and thereby raise awareness on road safety.  

2.4 Research and Crash Statistics

One of the responsibilities of the Injury Prevention Department is to carry out research into issues of road safety with a view to assist the authorities in coming up with more informed decisions and preventive interventions on road crashes.    The department also receives requests from other departments to carry out research on specific areas of interest to the Fund.  Recent works include the compilation of the annual road crash report which shows crash trends and the level of road trauma in the country and the internal satisfaction survey.   

The department also intends to embark on an external customer satisfaction survey early 2011 to enable the external customers rate the level of service delivery of the organisation.    

2.5 Occupational Road Risk

The Fund organises road safety seminars targeting institutions with sizeable fleet of vehicles including the Government.    The primary objectives of the seminars are to create road safety awareness among road users and secondly, to encourage the targeted institutions to incorporate road safety in their Occupational Health and Safety Programmes to ensure a healthy and road safety conscious workforce.  Organisations that have already participated in these types of seminars include Botswana Telecommunications, Central Transport Organisation and Botswana Power Corporation.    

2.6 Educational Road Safety Campaigns

The Fund actively participates in road side educational campaigns held along the country’s main corridors during the major public holidays.  The campaigns targets motorists travelling to various destinations.  Other participants at these campaigns include the Botswana Traffic Police, Department of Road Transport and Safety, District Road Safety Committees as well as parastatal organisations such as Botswana Power Corporation and Botswana Telecommunications Corporations.  
 Further, MVA Fund organises mini road safety campaigns throughout the year at places with high incidences of road crashes including Gaborone, Francistown and other major centres.  


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